Michelle Jones

August 14, 2016


Michelle Jones, Instructional Specialist, Jennings CLC, Akron Public Schools
Dr. Michelle Jones began her career with The Akron Public Schools teaching English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies in grades 6 and 7 from 2001-2015. Dr. Jones received her Bachelor Degree in 2000 from The University of Akron and Masters Degree in 2005. During her time as a classroom teacher Dr. Jones worked on many committees to help support the school improvement process and helped write multiple grants which supported the needs of her students. Fostering a growing desire to better meet the social emotional needs of her students Dr. Jones earned her Ph.D. from Walden University in 2013 in Educational Leadership and worked with colleagues to develop district wide training on creating trauma informed classrooms. In 2016 Dr. Jones transitioned into the role of Instructional Specialist for Akron Public Schools where she supports classroom teachers across all content areas grades 6-8.