Gus Farmakidis

August 14, 2016

Gus Farmakidis, Media Specialist, Jennings ClC, Akron Public Schools

Dr. Gus Farmakidis has spent the last 20 years teaching History, Technology, Instructional Design and Technology integration. Dr. Farmakidis has spent time as an educator at St. Augustine School in Barberton, Southeast Local in Ravenna, Multi-Juvenile Correction Facility in Canton, The University of Akron (part-time), and now with The Akron Public Schools. Dr. Farmakidis received his Bachelor of Science in History, Political Science, and Geography from Kent State University. He received his Masters Degree from The University of Akron in Instructional Technology. In 2013 Dr. Farmakidis received his Ph.D from The University of Akron in Curricular and Instructional Studies. Dr. Farmakidis has spent the last two years at Jennings CLC developing a “Virtual Village” to help teachers and students benefit from the integration of technology into their curriculum. Dr. Farmakidis is a Google 1 & 2 certified educator and uses this to develop the faculty’s abilities for communication and instruction. This past year he has had the privilege of sitting on the GAR Foundation EIG grant committee.