Brittany LaPointe (She/Her)
Communications Manager / [email protected]

Brittany LaPointe grew up in the high desert of the Pacific Northwest near some lush sagebrush. She was a finalist for the Sustainable Arts Foundation’s Promise Award in 2019. Her work has appeared in Akron Life Magazine, Sidereal, Project Muse, and elsewhere. Her poem “Girls Who Raised Themselves” received honorable mention by Emilia Phillips for an Academy of American Poets Prize in 2021 and echoes a larger body of work that seeks to understand the relationships between mothers and daughters. Prior to joining GAR as Communications Manager, Brittany taught English Composition at Kent State University, while earning a Master of Fine Arts in poetry. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing from Central Washington University. Believe it or not: Brittany taught her dog Barley to smile. Barley likes you just fine.