Why We Ask: Out of School Time Portal

Kirstin Toth \
July 18, 2018

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The Out of School Time Portal is a remarkable, no-cost tool, provided by Summit Education Initiative that gives Out of School Time Providers (OSTPs) private, secure access to the grades, attendance and other records related to student success as long as the student they’re serving attends Akron Public Schools. The OSTP Portal can support APS students of any age.

The portal has removed a large part of the guesswork around connecting out-of-school services to the impact on grades and other measures of student success. However, we are also cognizant of the critical importance of honoring students’ privacy. The OSTP Portal does this by being a secured resource available to OSTP providers only after they receive FERPA privacy training. This assures that our progress about measuring impact doesn’t come at the expense of privacy.

Why We Ask:
GAR Foundation has joined the growing chorus of many philanthropic organizations seeking to understand impact in a more meaningful way, because we want to maximize the good we can do with our finite grant investments for how our funding impacts nonprofit progress, but ultimately for the good of our community’s progress. The OSTP Portal empowers OSTP to measure their own progress and drive continuous improvement

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