Why We Ask: Diversity & Inclusion

Christine Mayer \
June 26, 2018

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You may notice that we ask some questions about your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion – as evidenced by diversity in your board composition, in your staff, and in the populations you will serve if funded.

Why We Ask:

GAR’s primary geographic focus is on the City of Akron, which is a diverse community. People of color comprise over 38% of Akron’s population, and within that number, nearly 31% of Akron’s population is African-American. Historically, our community leadership ranks (like those in much of the United States) have been disproportionately white. At GAR Foundation, we believe that organizations can only effectively serve the full population if the perspectives of all residents are reflected in decision-making. For that reason, we want to know how well your organization reflects Akron and serves its diverse population.

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