Applying for grants just got easier: We have a new online application portal!

October 21, 2019

GAR Foundation is pleased to announce that we recently updated our online application portal. The new system, called Foundant, is a user-friendly platform that will make applying for grants and letters of inquiry easier and more organized than ever! Keep reading to see what’s new in our online portal and how this change will affect your existing applicant account.

Here what’s new in the portal:


Your dashboard has a new look!  Watch this video to see the new interface and learn about the new features available to you.

A new user account is required

All applicants are required to create a new account in the portal. Your existing username and password are no longer valid. Creating a new account is very simple and we’ve included screenshots in this e-mail and on our website. Note: You will not have access to previous applications. If you need to see any previous documents, please contact Jessica Cherok at 330-576-2915.

One application link

In the past, applicants had to select either a Letter of Inquiry, Systemic Solutions, or Community Programs grant application link. We’ve streamlined the process; now you only have to follow one link to access all of these forms. The portal will automatically generate an application or an LOI for your organization based on the answers you provide on the eligibility quiz.

Letter of Inquiry requires a log-in

In the past, applicants could access the LOI form on our website without having to log-in to the online portal. You will now need to log-in to our online portal to complete an LOI.


Once you’ve created a new account for the organization, you can add other members from your organization to collaborate on your application.

Grantee Impact Reports

Grantees will be able to complete reports online directly in the system.

Here’s what stayed the same:
  • Eligibility. Our eligibility requirements have not changed. Applicants will still be asked to complete a brief eligibility quiz before applying.
  • Application questions. The questions we ask and the attachments we request on the applications are still the same.
  • Deadlines. Our deadlines are still the same.
  • Letter of Inquiry. Our LOI questions and deadline also haven’t changed.

We are here to help every step of the way! Please contact Jessica Cherok at 330-576-2915 with any questions.