Candace Campbell Jackson Appointed Syracuse University’s Vice President, Chief of Staff

Brittany LaPointe \
July 16, 2015

Syracuse University announced Thursday the appointment of Candace Campbell Jackson to the position of vice  president and chief of staff to Chancellor Kent Syverud. Jackson has worked with GAR Foundation since 1998 as a consulting program officer and currently serves as the vice president for student success and vice provost for academic success at the University of Akron where she provides strategic and operational leadership to nearly 600 employees.

"We are grateful for Candace’s passion, leadership, and dedication to both the foundation and the Akron community," said Christine Amer Mayer, president of GAR Foundation. "Although we will miss our treasured friend and colleague, we know this is an excellent opportunity for her." 

Jackson has worked at the Unviserity of Akron since 2003, previously serving as the chief of staff to President Luis Proenza. Before joining UA, Jackson was an attorney with Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs.

“My sole reason to move to Syracuse University was prompted by the special opportunity it presents for me to combine my passion for student success and team building with a new higher education landscape to learn,” said Campbell Jackson. 

In a statement issued by Syracuse University, Chancellor Syverud said "I am confident Candace is the right person to lead the Chancellor’s Office and to coordinate the executive leadership team and support me as we move forward with important strategic initiatives. I am glad she’s agreed to come join us, and I’m eager to introduce her to our students, faculty and staff.” 

GAR Foundation wishes Jackson and her family the very best.