GAR Foundation Awards $300,317 in Educator Initiative Grants

Brittany LaPointe \
May 14, 2014

GAR Foundation’s Distribution Committee awarded $300,317 to 29 teams of educators for its annual Educator Initiative Grant (EIG) program at its May meeting.

The goal of EIG is to support teacher-initiated, classroom-based projects and methods that demonstrably impact student academic achievement. The EIG program offers grants from $1,000 to $15,000 to teams of Summit County educators, grades K-12, who work together to develop, implement, and assess instructional strategies that fulfill this goal.

“We continue to be impressed with the meaningful, creative programs teachers have shaped for our community’s students,” said Christine Mayer, president of GAR Foundation. Grants were awarded to 24 public school districts and five private schools, and will be implemented in the 2014-2015 school year. GAR received 63 EIG applications, a 28.5 percent increase from the prior year. “The EIG programs support real-world application across the Cradle to Career Continuum by helping our K-12 students achieve success in all subject matters,” said Mayer.

Among those receiving an award is Springfield High School, receiving $15,000 for its “Visual Writing: Podcasting to Increase Writing Efficacy” program. Visual writing is an enhanced process for learning how to become an effective writer, with special emphasis on revision strategies. Students will become experts in the writing process and take ownership of their own learning through self-assessment of the different traits of learning, and will use sound waves projected to visualize their writing to promote self-evaluation and growth.

National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM Middle School of the Akron Public School District received $9,500 for the STEM E5d Project. This program creates a stimulating mobile Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career education center for middle school learners focused on engagement, education, excitement, enrollment, and entrepreneurship.

The following schools also received EIG awards at the May 8, 2014 GAR Foundation Distribution Committee meeting: 


Akron Public Schools Barber CLC Closing the Gap for Students with Multiple Disabilities $5,338
Akron Public Schools Leggett Community Learning Center Writers Writing Everywhere $14,989
Akron Public Schools Litchfield MS Be the Change $13,634
Akron Public Schools National Inventors Hall of Fame School The STEM E5d Project $9,500
Akron Public Schools National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM School Survivability of an Impossible Situation $4,999
Akron Public Schools Ritzman CLC Save the Oceans – in Ohio? $2,000
Akron Public Schools Schumacher CLC Digital Literacy $14,400
Akron Public Schools Schumacher CLC Dig, Plant, Grow: A School Community Garden Promoting Healthy Eating Habits! $13,100
Akron Public Schools Garfield High School The Understanding DNA Project $4,610
Akron Public Schools Butchtel CLC Solving Our Diseases: Using Project Based Learing $9,989
Barberton City Schools Barberton HS Goal: Self Monitoring of Our Senses $9,987
Barberton City Schools Barberton MS Searching for Deeper Understanding $9,958
Hudson City School District Evamere Elementary The 7 Habits of Happy Kids $15,000
Manchester Local Schools Nolley Elementary School Implementing a Culture of Leadership $12,555
Norton City Schools Norton Middle School Interdisciplinary Unit: Revoutionary War $10,000
Revere Local School District` Revere Local You’re Hired! Preparing our Students for the Future $7,300
Revere Local School District` Hillcrest Elementary School R Leaders $15,000
Springfield Local Schools Springfield High School Visual Writing: Podcasting to Increase Writing Efficacy $15,000
Springfield Local Schools Young Elementary School LINKS to Support Learing $10,000
Springfield Local Schools Springfield High School & Jr High Programming for Our Future $14,550
Summit County Educational Service Center Greater Summit Co Early Learning Center Observing our World through Meteorology $1,954
Tallmadge City Schools Munroe Elementary The Paperless Book $4,375
Tallmadge City Schools Munroe Elementary Project ASAP: Applying STEM Activities Practices, Phase 2 $15,000
Tallmadge City Schools Tallmadge High School Making Our Students College Ready in Mathematics & Improving ACT Scores $8,700
  Walsh Jesuit High School Training Tomorrow’s MacGyvers $9,999
  Immaculate Heart of Mary Increasing Student Informational Text Proficiency Through Newscasts $15,000
  Old Trail School Project Ocean $4,880
  Old Trail School Cracking the Code! Programing Through the Ages $15,000
  Hoban H.S. Revolutoinary War Living History $13,500