We concentrate a portion of our resources on three interconnected, high-need areas in Akron. In conjunction with key partners, we co-create metrics and tactics that drive toward root causes and long-term solutions. We believe real change is possible at the intersections of these areas:


Early Childhood Education

Goal: 80% of Akron children are Kindergarten ready by 2022.

Our Strategies:
  • Improve transitions from early learning to Kindergarten settings
  • Strengthen high quality adult-child interactions
  • Empower and engage families to be their child’s first and best teacher


K-16 Education

Goal: Akron Public Schools students experience high-quality teaching and engaged learning to be college and career ready.

Our Strategies:
  • Support the development of College and Career Academies of Akron
  • Support quality out-of-school-time learning experiences
  • Support school investment in high-quality teacher professional development


Economic & Workforce Development

Goal: Improve Akron’s economic health as evidenced by a decrease in poverty, and an increase in the median household income and family-sustaining jobs.


Our Strategies:
  • Help to design a high-functioning network of economic and workforce development providers whose work is driven by shared goals, defined roles, accountability for outcomes, and a single data platform
  • Support implementation of the network design for economic and workforce development in Akron
  • Encourage Akron’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, as evidenced through population-serving businesses, creative placemaking, and neighborhood development