Community Program grants are awarded to organizations and programs that foster the needs of Akron’s residents and fall within two of our primary areas of giving.

Basic Needs

Grantmaking Focus: The most basic human needs of Akron residents in crisis.

GAR supports high-functioning organizations that are working at scale to:

  • Support high-capacity food distribution hubs that address food insecurity
  • Support emergency shelters and related services for people in crisis
  • Support the basic life needs of Akron’s immigrant and refugee population to enable successful life in Akron

Arts & Culture

Grantmaking Focus: The contribution of arts and culture to Akron’s identity as a vibrant, unique, and creative community.

Our Strategies:

  • Support the artistic content and sustainable business practices of diverse anchor arts organizations serving the Akron community
  • Support innovative arts and cultural initiatives, especially those that significantly advance the Akron Cultural Plan
  • Invest in the overall health of the arts and culture sector by supporting quality sector infrastructure