Filter Grants

For operations to build a talent pipeline by bringing together businesses, educators, workforce programs, economic development organization and government agencies.

Countryside Conservancy

For the famers’ market food access expansion program.

Crafty Mart

For operating support

Crafty Mart

For Bechdel Fest, a female-centric film festival that celebrates women both in front of and behind the camera.

Crossroads Writers Conference

For the 2019 Crossroads Writers Conference

Curated Storefront

Curated Storefront is a series of ongoing exhibitions activating unused storefronts with multimedia art and installations. Fiscal sponsor: Miami Foundation.

Cuyahoga Falls High School

For Tiger Time News: Inspiring Innovation in Youth and Professionals news and production program.

Cuyahoga Falls High School

For the Publications for the 21st Century writing and design program.

Cuyahoga Falls High School

For The Renaissance Coalition cooperative venture program.

Downtown Akron Partnership

For operating support