What is the Out of School Time Portal?

Brittany LaPointe \
February 16, 2017

In a recent blog post, we expressed our enthusiasm about Summit Education Initiative’s new data portal for Out of School Time Providers working with students in Summit County. We sat down with SEI’s staff to learn more about the portal. We invite you to download this list of FAQs on our Grantee Resources page for future reference.

What is the Out of School Time Portal?

The Out of School Time Provider (OSTP) Portal is a private and secure web-based system created by Summit Education Initiative (SEI) that grants OSTP staff members access to current student-level academic data.

Who is considered to be an OSTP?

Organizations that provide services to children in Summit County throughout the school year and during summer break.

Why was it created?

The OSTP Portal was created to remove time and access barriers for OSTPs interested in using student data from schools to assist student achievement.

Who is eligible to use the Portal?

So far, any OSTP working with school-aged children attending Akron Public Schools can access the Portal. In the future, we plan to make the Portal available to any OSTP working with children in any district within Summit County.

How does one set up an account?

First, an OSTP administrator must register as an OSTP Leader on the Youth View™ website. To do so, they will need an Access Code. To obtain the Access Code they can contact Cristina González Alcalá  at [email protected].

Next, the OSTP Leader and any staff members who will be accessing the OSTP Portal must attend a one-hour Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) & Portal training with SEI.  A calendar view of the dates is available on the SEI website here.

Finally, all students participating in your program must have a signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form. This form grants permission to your organization and staff members to view each student’s data.

What type of information would I need to provide as an Out of School Time provider?
To register, you will need to provide the Administrator’s First and Last Name, Email and Phone Number, in addition to Organization’s Name.

What data can we access?

Attendance, Grade Point Average and Grades for all marking periods, as well as State Test Results and ACT Test Results.

Who can see the data? Is it secure?

Only staff members who have completed the FERPA training are able to access the data.

Where can I access the Portal on the SEI website?

You may access it directly at www.youthview.org/ost on the Youth View™ website or under the Resources tab at www.seisummit.org.

Who do I contact with questions or issues?

Contact SEI’s Research Associate, Cristina González Alcalá  at [email protected] or 330-535-8833.