Making the Impact: How Love Akron Listens, Learns, and Leads

Brittany LaPointe \
December 06, 2022

For years, Love Akron has been a staple in Akron as a Christian-based organization known for their ability to collect, convene, and collaborate. Through initiatives like Fields of Love, they’ve served the varying needs of greater Akron in many ways, from working with foster families to help children find homes to working with coaches and staff in Akron Public Schools to create a safe and uplifting environment for high school students to allow conversations that address difficult topics.

In April of 2019, when Kemp Boyd stepped into the role of Executive Director at Love Akron, he knew his task was to use strategic relationships to maximize their impact beyond the social services that Love Akron offers the community.

“Our mission is really to be the great connector and great convener that leads to collaboration with change makers to make a collective impact,” said Boyd.  

That collective approach, Boyd says, starts with listening.

By listening to the voices of the community and collaborating with key partners, such as such Red Oak Behavioral Services and Summit County Children Services, to find resources that address those needs, Love Akron achieves a greater impact. They also fulfill their promise of turning intentions into actions.

The final part of their collective impact is to bring those resources to the people that need them, including everything from familial services to mental health and wellness like the “Good Grief” kickoff, which brings the grief recovery method experience to residents through 18, eight-week sessions from November 2022 through June 2023. 

At the heart of Love Akron’s leadership, you’ll find Kemp Boyd listening, learning, and asking, “How do we love Akron, but how do we do it together?”

To learn more about Love Akron’s mission and impact, or to make a donation or volunteer, visit: For more information about the Black Leaders Cohort, visit our blog.