Roots of Entrepreneurship: Meet Hale Farm & Village

June 04, 2019

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GAR Foundation recently announced the launch of a new $1.2 million investment called Essential Experiences to provide every Akron Public Schools student in PreK through 5th grade with a meaningful learning experience outside of the classroom. Students will visit six local cultural and historical organizations to participate in educational programming directly connected to classroom learning. Host organizations include ArtSparksAkron Art MuseumCleveland Museum of Natural HistoryAkron ZooHale Farm & Village, and Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

The Essential Experiences initiative addresses the need for high-quality experiential learning and draws from research supporting the value of co-curricular experiences.

Three important elements make these experiences more robust than a traditional field trip:

  • Curriculumbased: the experiences are designed by professional educators to connect directly to the content being taught and learned in students’ own  classrooms.
  • Equity and inclusion: Prior to this initiative, field trips were not guaranteed for every child and every classroom across the district. Essential Experiences ensures that every child in every participating  grade gets to have the same valuable experience.
  • ConsistencyEssential Experiences provides students with a consistent, hands-on, grade-appropriate experience to support their learning each year

Meet the Host: Hale Farm & Village

Through Essential Experiences. Nearly 1,600 third-grade students in Akron Public Schools will learn about entrepreneurship through the “Roots of Entrepreneurship” experience at Hale Farm & Village. Students will explore the history of the market system during the 1800s and each class will examine how economic principles have changed in our community over time.

To prepare for the trip, students will build their knowledge base around the Summit County early settlement, Akron’s industrial changes, and modern service-based economy. They will be introduced to economic vocabulary and will meet key entrepreneurs in Akron from the past and present.

Understanding chronology has a far greater impact on students when they are immersed in “place” and “time”. While at Hale Farm, students experience jobs from a blacksmith to a candle maker.

They will be immersed in a new experience that develops the foundational knowledge and understanding of how the economy works, both past and present. Back in the classroom, students will bring these concepts to life by pitching their own business plans and gaining exposure to modern day entrepreneurs, providing an opportunity to build knowledge and understanding that many students do not have and cannot get inside a classroom.