Akron is embarking on its first Arts and Culture Plan

June 14, 2019

ArtsNow and Designing Local are taking a closer look at Akron’s existing arts and cultural offerings and inviting residents to share what they want to see in each of Akron’s neighborhoods. The end result: Akron’s first-ever comprehensive cultural plan. ArtsNow has received funding from GAR Foundation and Knight Foundation to work together with the City of Akron, artists, cultural organizations, regional experts, and community residents to collect data and public input to inform the cultural plan.  

A plan for a vibrant arts & culture scene is a plan for Akron’s prosperity

Cultural amenities are a community asset. In order to ensure that we are taking good care of our shared cultural assets — protecting valued assets that we already have, investing in new ones that meet the wants and needs of citizens, ensuring that people throughout the community can access great cultural assets — we need a plan. An analysis of Akron’s cultural priorities, assets, and resources will allow us to create an equitable and clear process to determine the best path forward for arts and culture in our community.