The Pillars of the Akron Civic Commons

Bronlynn Thurman \
March 29, 2019

The Akron Civic Commons works across three neighborhoods in Akron: Downtown, Park East, and Summit Lake, and the process is guided by four pillars: Civic Engagement, Socioeconomic Mixing, Value Creation, and Environmental Sustainability. But what do these mean in the context of their work? All throughout the month of January the Akron Civic Commons shared a closer look into how each pillar is embedded in the work that they do in the neighborhoods. Browse the articles below on the Civic Commons website:


Civic Engagement

Building a sense of community that brings people of all backgrounds back into public life as stewards and advocates shaping their city’s future.


Socioeconomic Mixing

Creating places where everyone belongs and that generates authentic opportunities for shared experience among people of all incomes and backgrounds


Value Creation

Encouraging additional investments in neighborhoods to foster local businesses and change the perception of safety while maintaining neighborhood affordability.


Environmental Sustainability

Changing perceptions of our natural spaces by connecting people to each other and the natural spaces around them.