How Twitter can Expand your Professional Learning Network

Dina Younis \
November 07, 2018

We hear repeatedly at our Educator Conference that one of the most valuable parts of the day is having the opportunity to connect with fellow educators from across the county. Teachers tell us every year that these conversations and opportunities to network leave them feeling energized and inspired to do more for their classrooms.  Thanks to education chats on twitter, there’s no need to wait an entire year to catch up with your peers.  In a session led by Jeff Gargas, COO of at this year’s Educator Conference, we explored the many ways social media can be a fantastic tool to engage students, families, and stakeholders.  In his session, Jeff also talked about growing your knowledge and network through loosely-structured chats on twitter. These chats are led by different thought leaders and cover a variety of topics, while connecting educators just like you from around the world.

Not sure how to get started? Jeff shares his tips in a blog post.  Read more here.