Why We Ask: SummitLive365.com

Bronlynn Thurman \
June 26, 2018

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GAR’s arts and culture applicants are asked if they self-publish events on Summit County’s free marketing and event calendar, SummitLive365. This website, facilitated by ArtsNow, is designed to serve as a centralized source of information for arts and culture events and services. It was born out of a study that provided a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses within the arts and culture sector of the Greater Akron area. Among others, the one issue that stood out in the assessment was the lack of an identified “one source” for information about the arts and culture scene.

Why We Ask:
SummitLive365 provides personal visibility for artists through a searchable database, is a free promotional tool, and is the sole connection point as a sector within the Greater Akron region. Through SummitLive365, artists and organizations both within and outside of the sector are able to tap into the wide range of information available and make unique connections where there was no other avenue before.