Bookmark this: four thoughts on social change

Brittany LaPointe \
March 10, 2017

One of my favorite communication resources, frank hosts a gathering each year that brings the best minds in communications to share ideas around social change. I always return home feeling invigorated and ready to infuse my new learning into my work here in Akron. There’s always a lot to process after any great conference, but when certain quotes resonate with me, I feel compelled to share. Below you’ll find four powerful talks from frank on social change.

On storytelling:

“When we tell our stories, let’s acknowledge that there may be another point of view.”

An outstanding talk from Carol Bogert from the Marshall Project on how to captivate and inspire your take action by telling a narrative that includes the voice of the opposition. Watch Video

On misinformation:

“We need to learn emotional skepticism.”

Claire Wardle borrows this quote from Craig Silverman in a dynamic talk about understanding the disinformation ecosystem and how to pause before sharing anything on social media that makes us feel angry, sad, or more importantly: smug. Watch Video

On combating stigma:

“Hire individuals from the communities you’re trying to help.”

Jacquelin Salg shares a powerful and personal story about combating stigma and giving marginalized groups a voice. Watch Video

On racial equity:

“The root of racism in this country is political, economic and social self-interest.”

New York Times best-selling author and award-winning historian, Ibram Kendi delivers a thought-provoking talk on the history of racist ideas in America. Watch Video