Dina Younis \
March 30, 2016

ConxusNEO celebrated its relaunch and the announcement of a cross-sector campaign to better connect companies and job seekers in Summit County. The event on March 15 attracted a diverse group of civic leaders, companies, educators and trainers.  Formally known as Summit Workforce Solutions, ConxusNEO is dedicated to supporting and sustaining a world-class, demand-driven, data-informed talent development system.  ConxusNEO works to create a systems-change effort to connect local companies to a pool of job seekers with skills that meet their needs.

The relaunch came after an extensive assessment of Summit County’s talent and development system which concluded that in order to meet the needs of companies and job seekers, collaboration was required between public, private, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations.

ConxusNEO also unveiled its new website, The site offers research, data, and educational tools for companies, career seekers, and educators. The website also shares studies related to high-demand occupations, skills, and career pathways for jobs that provide a sustainable wage.

ConxusNEO has been active in working with its partners on two talent initiatives: TalentNEO and TechHire. Last November, GAR Foundation awarded ConxusNEO a $50,000 grant for the implementation of TalentNEO to increase job-seeker access to open, higher paying positions, and expand the talent pool available to businesses –  particularly in entry level manufacturing, allied health professions, and Information Technology (IT).  TalentNEO uses a tool called WorkKeys, an assessment which utilizes skill scores for residents who lack educational credentials often required to  apply for many jobs.  ConxusNEO partner companies interview these candidates as a strategy to expand the talent pool and build a more inclusive hiring environment. TechHire is a designation Akron / Summit County received from the White House which addresses the high demand of IT jobs. TechHire supports the development of community training programs to prepare residents for jobs that require IT skills.

“Greater Akron has an opportunity to make significant economic progress in the coming few years,” said GAR’s senior vice president and ConxusNEO board member, Kirstin Toth in a recent guest post for the Fund. “With a new mayor and his cabinet, a strong county government, long led by a high-integrity executive who is focused on real quality of life issues  and the focus of ConxusNEO on key growth sectors in our community, we are poised like never before to advance real growth.”

For more information on ConxusNEO and these local initiatives, visit their website.