Update on the Educator Conference:

The GAR Educator Conference historically happens every other year.  Given the pandemic, we’ve decided to postpone the Fall 2022 conference and continue with our virtual webinar offering – Teaching Teachers with Technology (T3)

Local educators mean a lot to us and we value the time we share together at the conference each year. We’re always looking for new and creative ways to engage educators. This pause gives us an opportunity to reflect on your feedback and plan future conferences that will continue to inspire replication of winning concepts, elevate teaching practices, encourage collaboration, and grow the professional learning community.

Based on what you’ve told us over the years, you enjoy learning about and hearing from local educators at the conference. We enjoy sharing their stories too. We encourage you to bookmark our blog and sign up for our newsletter to get a closer look at some of the Educator Initiative Grant winning projects. Given the disruption the pandemic has caused on teaching and learning, these projects, with their focus on technology and professional development, are more valuable than ever.  

If you were planning on submitting a topic to present at the conference, we’d still like to hear your story. Please send it to us.

So, this isn’t goodbye, it’s let’s stay connected as we continue to offer fresh content about amazing local teachers.

The GAR team

2019 Conference

The 2019 conference was designed to empower classroom teachers to choose the word, theme, or phrase that will bring focus and clarity to guide their school year, set goals, and inspire students. The sessions focused on ways to enable and empower classroom educators to define the teaching strategies, climate, relationships, and themes that will shape their work and goals to advance student achievement.