Our mission is to help Akron become smarter, stronger, and more vibrant. 


Every child gets a great start in life and benefits from a well-rounded education, preparing them for a meaningful, fulfilling life. Companies and opportunities grow in our talent-rich environment. Pathways to prosperity are equitable, accessible, and easily navigated by everyone. All residents and businesses feel connected to Greater Akron, to their neighbors and fellow citizens. They are energized by its creative assets, its abundant opportunities, and its commitment to shared prosperity.


At GAR Foundation, we commit to…

  • Curiosity
    We continuously ask questions to learn about community issues and people’s experiences.
  • Equity
    We deal fairly and equitably with all parties, while meeting other where they are.
  • Humility
    We are aware of our place and role (the positives and negatives of it)
  • Collaboration
    We work shoulder to shoulder with our partners, guided by transparency and accountability. 
  • Innovation
    We are original and creative in our thinking and approach to the work.