What to do before you apply for EIG Funding

Dina Younis \
June 12, 2018

Before you apply for an Educator Initiative Grant, follow these simple steps to prepare for your application:


  • Step 1: Identify the educator who will serve as the primary contact for your team and school. Team leaders are not permitted to lead more than one project



  • Step 3: Download the Applicant’s Guide to:
    • Review the Educator Initiative Grant Evaluation Rubric to ensure you’re meeting all of the guidelines
    • Obtain both your Principal’s and Superintendent’s signature on the Endorsement Form that accompanies your application for your project
    • Use the EIG Project Budget spreadsheet template provided to itemize and tally the total expenses for your project, and submit this form with your completed application. This is the only budget template that will be accepted with your application
  • Step 4: Complete the online application form below



  • Absolutely no attachments will be accepted other than your Project Budget and Endorsement Form
  • A Letter of Inquiry is NOT required for an EIG application